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Sungayaia Lost 50lbs

Sungayaia is a special story.  If you ask how long it took for her to lose 50lbs, I wouldn't know what to tell you.  Because technically, she went from 230lbs to 180lbs in less than 10 months but it took us years to get her mentally ready for the changes it required to lose the weight.

Sungayaia is my 2nd client from when I first started.  She would respond really well to the carb cycling diet we had her on, but her relationship with food had her gaining the weight back every time.  The tools were there, but mentally, she couldn't choose to use it all the time.  It wasn't until a year ago, when the changes sink in, and the voices that used to tell her that "she deserves all the treat she wants"  got quieter.  What worked for her were her affirmations and food prepping weekly.

Her advice to everyone is to have faith.

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