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How Janet lost 220lbs in 2 years

Janet came to our first session at 390lbs with extremely limited mobility, where getting up and down from a chair was a major challenge.

Our plan for Janet was simple: move more often, move better, and better nutrition.

1. Moving more often: 
This part of the plan was simple.  We started with Janet doing strength training 2x a week and a short walk daily.  We then increased it to 3x a week of strength training and longer walk, which led to short jogs later on.  She accomplished multiple 5k, two 10ks, a half marathon, and a full marathon during her transformation.

2. Moving better:
We started with the squat, since getting up and down was such a challenge.  We did box squat on a step and risers.  We started out at 6 risers and weeks after weeks, we slowly decreased the number of risers, which brought her squat lower and lower.  This helped a lot by making progress more visible to Janet. 

3. Better Nutrition:

While Janet, same as most people, had an idea what to eat, getting her to commit to change was a major challenge.  There were 2 key factors that made her transition to change smoother.  The first was a food journal.  This allowed Janet to see exactly what she was putting in her body and held her accountable.  This also helped us to have a base line to work with while implementing change.  The second was a step-by-step system to change.  We began by simply matching a daily caloric intake.  Then we replaced foods that would supply better nutrition for the same caloric intake.  Finally, we worked on fitting the appropriate daily macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs).

19 months and a ton of adjustments later, Janet weighed in at 180lbs.  We managed to get her down another 10lbs before her loose skin surgery.  Post surgery, she was 163lbs.

Her advice for anyone who's looking to start or working on their transformation right now is to never give up and keep working on better yourself every day.

Listen to her story here.  Click Here

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