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Client Janet

Lost 220lbs in 2 years

Key to success: rehabilitation of movements, small but clear gradual goals, and redefining nutrition.

Read her story on the Mercury News

Client Deborah
Lost 15lbs and significantly reduce knee pain.

Key to success:
Range of motion training, cardio and clear/definitive goal (climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Client Hue

Lost 10lbs in 4 weeks

Key to success: Consistent running routine and calorie restriction.

Client J
Lost 30lbs in 8 months

Key to success: resistance training and carb cycling.

Client Erik
Lost 16lbs and reduce body fat by 9%

Key to success: heavy weight training, calorie and carb restriction.

Client A
Lost 4lbs of body fat

Key to success: high intensity intervals

Client Sedrick
Lost 12lbs and reduce body fat by 7%

Key to success: fasted cardio and weight training

Client Sungayaia

Lost 63lbs
Key to success: intermittent fasting and a mixture of strength + cardio training

Client Daryl

Gained 12lbs of lean mass

Key to success: increased calories and protein intake, correct nutrition timing, and overload training.

Client D

Lost 12.5lbs in 12 weeks

Key to success: decreased calories, carb cycling and regular exercise routine.

Client S

Lost 4lbs of fat and gain 3lbs of muscle in 10 weeks

Key to success: power lifting style exercise routine, high intensity interval cardio, and strict dieting.

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