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Who am I?

My name is Trung Nguyen.  I am an NCSF certified personal trainer and ENW certified fitness nutrition specialist.  I am a 32 years old male who loves working out and helping people.  I struggled earlier in my teens to gain weight but fitness helped me.  I noticed how my attitude about life changed once I was in better shape and people were even nicer to me than before.  Most importantly, I am more confident and I say yes to more things in life.

Who is Acorn Health and Fitness?

It is a personal training studio, run by me (Trung Nguyen).  At the moment, we are consisted of only 1 trainer and about 15 individual one-on-one clients.  Why Acorns? Acorns may be small but they hold the potential of growing into tall and strong oak trees.  All they need is the right environment.  Acorns are symbolic for everyone, who carries deep inside them the vast potential of greatness.  We hope to be able to help bringing it out of you.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients range from complete beginners to advanced fitness enthusiast.  We are capable of taking you and wherever your fitness capability is to the next level.  However, most of our clients are beginners.  With background in psychology, we can help with the obstacles that people face when first start out on their fitness journey.  If you are someone who might be shy from going to the gym for any reason, if you want to start a new healthy habit but keep falling off, if you feel unhealthy or just want to be healthier but is overwhelmed with all the information (often conflicting), we can help.

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