I have offered to drive complete strangers 4 times in my life.

1. I was driving home and saw a woman tripped and busted her knee.  Stopped and asked if she needed help and she did.  Gave a her rag for her bleeding knee and she hopped on.  She lived just a 3 minute drive from there but I'm glad she didn't have to limp all the way home.

2. I came home from the gym, got out of the car and saw this dude walking and cussing to himself.  Asked him if he was alright, he said no, he was going to be late to his appointment at the office inside the mall (5 min drive away).  So I offered to drive him there.  We got there in time. 

3. I don't know why but i was home, and i stepped out to see an really old man walking in front of my lawn looking lost.  He didn't speak any English and thought I  was chinese.  I didn't understand what he was saying but he showed me his id and pointed at his address and a phone number.  I called the number and it was his son.  The son told me to show him how to get back on bus 92 to get back home.  His house was only about 15min away from my house so i told the son I would just drive him back.  I did.  The old man's wife came out and gave me a stack of $1s haha but I didn't take it.

4.  This college student was walking around the neighborhood, saw me and asked if I had seen a white honda civic because he had parked somewhere and forgot.  I didn't but I offered to drive him around to find it but he refused. haha









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