Once upon a time, there was a man that wanted to know the true meaning of happiness.  He heard of a rumor that there was a philosopher from a far away land that knew the secret to happiness.  He set out to find the philosopher.  On his journey, he had to cross mountains and deserts to finally found the philosopher's castle.

In the castle, he asked the philosopher about the secret to happiness.  The philosopher gave him a spoon and dropped in it 3 droplets of essential oil.  He said, "Don't spill these until night fall and I will tell you."

The man held it with the utmost care and told himself that no way that he would let this spilled because he was determined to find happiness.  The night came and he did it.  He asked the philosopher, "Will you tell me the secret to happiness now?"

The philosopher calmly replied, "You did great with the oil but did you see all the beautiful flowers I had decorated the castle with?  Did you hear the harp playing in the background?  Did you see beautiful dusk light hitting my window?"

The man answered honestly, "No." 

The philosopher then said, "Let's try again tomorrow.  I want you to notice all those things I have just mentioned to you."

The man agreed.  This next day, he spent all of his time looking at the flowers, the music, and even had time to watch the sunset.  He felt like he had understood the answer.  So he came to the philosopher and reported what he had done.

The philosopher asked, "I'm happy that you've seen all the beauty that my castle and the world had to offer today.  But where is the 3 drops of essential oil?"

The man had completely forgotten about the spoon and the oil had spilled.

The philosopher replied, "The secret to happiness is to take the time to enjoy all the little beautiful things that life has to offer.  But at the same time, you cannot forget the important things in your life either.  Like your responsibilities and where you came from."









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