Many times, I would feel unfulfilled in the daily lives.  I felt like I was spoiled as a kid and everything in my life came relatively easy.  I had struggles and I had to work hard at many things but I was missing real challenges that can shape a person's life/characters.  I wasn't born in the street, I didn't have to work 3 jobs during college.  I was lucky.  Not saying that I'm not appreciative or taking this fact for granted, but I wanted more. 


I think this crisis came and I felt like this is my chance to grow as a person.  I'm not happy that it is happening.  Quite the opposite, I am scared at times due to the uncertainty of things and I am sad that many people are suffering.  It is also time for me to offer what I can do to help.  This will be the struggle of my life time that will define who I am.  No doubt our generation will go down in the history book and I want it to say that we were compassionate, inspiring, and kind.  









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